“Let the brainstorming begin!”

My brainstorming sessions:

I started with an unclear vision about what I wanted to do for my graduation project. I knew in what kind of directions I wanted to go with the subject,traveling, homesickness and languages, but not how to transform this subjects into one a particular research subject.

To get a more clear vision about my research project I send a survey to my friends abroad. To see what they think about the subjects and what languages they speak next to their mother tongue.

The link to the survey results: ” uitkomstenenquete ”

Next to the survey I did some mind mapping. The featured image on this blog post shows the mind map. I thought about the things which are most relevant for myself when I am traveling and things I experienced alone, and with others, during traveling.

I think that it would be best for me to do the research project about homesickness. This is something I can fully relate to and is a very dominant feeling in the first days/weeks of traveling or living abroad. Also my friends who are living abroad noted that this is something they struggle with from time to time.